Festival Tremor closes between dance music and funaná

The Tremor festival, which invaded the island of São Miguel between Tuesday and Saturday night, ended between the funaná of Cape Verdeans Bulimundo and the rhythms of the ZA! and Free Love.

António Pedro Lopes, co-director of the Tremor festival, explained that the organization planned “to close, only party” with the Catalan duo ZA !, the funaná of Bulimundo, or the electronic pop of Free Love.

On the day that also featured names like Haley Heynderickx, Hailu Mergia and Moon Duo, there was room for the party, but also for balances of what happened in the largest island of the archipelago, for five days.

Each edition is a lesson, and this was the edition of the meteorology and the impact it can have on our dreams, when we think of activities or when we take the island as a stage,” said António Pedro Lopes.

In what is the sixth year of Tremor, weather conditions did not facilitate, requiring several cancellations, postponements and changes in alignment, but the organization was “adapting and creating conditions for the programming to continue,” explained the organizer.

The bad weather began by offering the group of about 80 people who got on a bus without knowing the destination, with the landing to happen in Ribeira Quente, parish of the municipality of Povoação, for the Tremor All-Terrain.

The rain was a constant for those who ventured along the pedestrian trail of Ponta do Garajau, an ancient path used by fishermen that makes the connection by land between the neighbouring coastal locations.

The way was followed, following the instructions given by the organization, to the music created by Natalie Sharp for the track, heard in the mp3 players distributed to each participant.

The ambient sound created by the artist, who had already performed at the festival in 2018, as Lone Taxidermist, accompanied the audience to the end, where Sharp awaited a performance that created for the scenario.

The program anticipated more surprises for the day, with the Tremor in the Greenhouse, which brought the result of the artistic residence of Pedro Lucas and the We Sea to the Furnas Casino.

The concert ended up being interrupted, in the middle of the second song, due to a fault of electricity, having later been resumed, but already with the room almost empty.

The Yin Yin also saw their performance, originally planned for Terra Nostra Park, to be moved to the Furnas Casino, for a concert too short for what the public asked for.

There was no time for more, but the Dutch Yin Yin eventually took the revenge and re-took the stage again on Wednesday at the Arc 8 after Cave for a concert announced that evening.

The afternoon of Thursday, already without rain, was marked by the surprise concert in the natural park of Ribeira dos Caldeirões, municipality of the Nordeste, of David Bruno, the gaiense rapper that brought the ‘Last Tango in Mafamude’, an album released in January of 2018.

Returning to Ponta Delgada, the weather returned to his own, forcing the delay of an hour of the concert of Jacco Gardner, due to the delay in the flight in which the musician travelled.

The next day also began with the news that all those who went to Ponta Delgada airport at 6:00 a.m. for a jump to the island of Santa Maria, where Natalie Sharp and the Sunflowers would act, would be in São Miguel since the fog dictated the cancellation of the flight.

On Friday afternoon, Tremor in the Greenhouse of the day took the public to the House of the Holy Spirit of the Brotherhood of Beneficence, in the parish of Rabo de Peixe, county of Ribeira Grande, where the photographic exhibition of Rubén Monfort was inaugurated. portrays the pantries of Rabo de Peixe, a traditional dance of the parish, accompanied by violas, accordions and castanets.

The exhibition was the motto for the moment that followed: the performance of three groups of garbage collectors from Rabo de Peixe, who paraded down the street to the House of the Holy Spirit, where the group of the Charity Brotherhood worked with the Catalans ZA !, creating a moment that “is very much the spirit of what the festival proposes, this crossing, this shock, that encounter,” said António Pedro Lopes.

I think that’s what this is for,” he added.

The program continued in the city of Ribeira Grande, with concerts in the Archipelago – Centro de Artes Contemporânea, Teatro Ribeiragrandense and the Living Museum of Franciscanism, where Lula Pena, Lafawndah and Teto Preto went by.

On Saturday, as usual, the stage was Ponta Delgada, with concerts at various points of interest of the city.

At a festival where the “headliner is the island”, highlights go to the Greenhouse Tremor’s surprise concerts, or experiences like the All-Terrain Tremor or the Instytut B61 – Interstellar SUGAR Center, an immersive experience that leads the participants

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