Google for Nonprofits reaches new countries and offers G Suite discounts

With the spread of coronavirus, nonprofits need access to tools that help them work remotely and create awareness online.

To respond to the unique needs of this community, the Google for Nonprofits team is extending the program to new countries and offering discounts to nonprofits using the G Suite Business and Enterprise editions.

In what is the first expansion of the program in six years, Google for Nonprofits will be available for 6 new countries – Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Peru.

Google for Nonprofits is now available in 57 countries helping eligible organizations to access Google tools for nonprofits and continue their operations, also during COVID-19.

Non-profit organizations will be able to activate G Suite for Nonprofits free and collaborate online with applications such as Gmail, Docs and Calendar. Additionally, the advanced features of Google Meet are available for all editions of G Suite until September 30, 2020.

To help organizations create awareness online, the Ad Grants crisis response program is extending Ad Grants – up to $10,000 worth of text ads in the survey – to these countries by October 2020. The YouTube Nonprofit program and the Google Earth and Maps also offer storytelling tools in order to amplify your cause.

Many non-profit organizations are learning how to transition employees and programs to online-only formats, and challenges such as cloud storage, security and virtual collaboration arise.

To give nonprofits advanced G Suite functionality, Google offers global discounts for the G Suite Business edition ($ 4 per user per month, instead of the usual $ 12) and the G Suite Enterprise edition ($ 8 per user per month , instead of the usual $ 25). As always, G Suite for Nonprofits will continue to be offered free of charge.

G Suite Business for Nonprofits offers 1TB of storage per user, access to Google Vault for data management, video conferencing for up to 150 people together with security and administration options. With G Suite Enterprise for Nonprofits, organizations have access to all the features of G Suite Business and G Suite for Nonprofits, with the addition of email encryption, live streaming and video conferencing for up to 250 people as well as Cloud identity for managing users and applications.

Google for Nonprofits seeks to provide technology to nonprofit organizations. See the full list of COVID-19 features through the website.

You can also subscribe to the Google’s YouTube channel to receive notifications about upcoming live streams and to learn more about their products.

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