Guarda Municipal Theater hosts several concerts to commemorate World Music Day


Miguel Angelo and The Gift concerts, the One Man Band International Festival and the celebrations of World Music Day stand out in the Guarda Municipal Theater program for the last four months of the year.

For the first time, singer Miguel Angelo takes the stage of TMG’s large auditorium on September 20th and, on November 27th, it is the turn of The Gift group to perform in that space, as part of the celebrations of City Day.

At the press conference to introduce TMG’s programming for September, October, November and December, coordinator and programmer Victor Afonso stated that the concerts will be held in unusual places of the cultural complex, such as the rehearsal room, the polyphonic building. and the foyer of the large auditorium.

Helena Neves, Tiago Pereira, Paulo Monteiro and Jorge Maia, João Roxo, Alé & Olé Duo and Passione, among others, are scheduled concerts.

On October 18 and 19, TMG’s café concert hosts another edition of the One Man Band International Festival.

Performing on the 18th, Fred Raspail, Hombre Wolf International and Anibal, and on the 19th, Elli de Mon, Leadfoot Tea and Zorba.

In addition to music, there will also be plays, exhibitions and fine art galleries, photography exhibitions, thus enhancing diversity.

Guarda City Councilor for Culture, Victor Amaral, confirms that TMG’s programming for the last four months of 2019 is “multidisciplinary” and privileges local and regional artists.

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