Guarda promotes outdoor entertainment

The initiative is part of a multidisciplinary urban animation program and will have the public space as its main stage, as well as balconies and gardens, following the safety recommendations required by the Directorate-General for Health due to the pandemic caused by the covid-19.

This year’s summer proposals include ‘Music on Wheels – Trio Elétrico’, which will circulate with local bands offering itinerant concerts throughout the urban center and neighborhoods of the city, from 23 to 30 July.

The project ‘Music on wheels’ involves the bands Cem Ensaios, Good Friday, Contraband, Pros and Cons, Voices of Donkeys do not reach Heaven, Red Mustang, Volta e Meia and Remexido.

The “Terra d’artes” initiative, to be held at Parque Urbano do Rio Diz, from 22 to 29 July, will also be held with seven artists who will create seven interpretive works from the cycle of popular culture festivals in the municipality, to which bring together artisans to work live.

Pedro Figueiredo (sculpture), Rui Miragaia (iron sculpture), Sofia Gralha (ceramic), Sara Teixeira (illustration), Pedro Amaral (painting), Sidney Cerqueira (painting) and Sérgio Lemos (sculpture / wood) participate in the initiative.

Between Friday and August 30, the balconies in the urban center of Guarda come to life with musicians acting, unexpectedly, on balconies and balconies, with the initiative “Varandas Com Vida”, according to the organization.

Another novelty of the summer program is related to an activity for families that will take place on three weekends in August (days 01, 02, 08, 09, 15 and 16) in the gardens of the highest city in the country, where there will be initiatives cultural activities, healthy food, yoga and meditation classes, a space with activities dedicated to children, among other activities.

The program also integrates the Antiques and Collecting Fair (held at Alameda de Santo André, on the first Sunday of each month), and the event “Cinema at the Museum”, promoted by the Cineclube da Guarda (11th, 18th and 25th) August and September 1 and 8).

The city’s summer entertainment program is diversified and aims to involve local creators in restoring culture in Guarda, after stopping several months of cultural initiatives in general due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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