Guimarães: Accessibility


Access to Guimarães

Guimarães is, administratively, a municipality composed of 48 parishes that are inserted in an area of 242.32 km2, with about 160,000 inhabitants. It is located in the Northwest of Portugal and is approximately 350 km from its capital, Lisbon and about 50 km from the city of Porto.
The most direct access routes, for those who want to go to Guimarães, are the railroad and road routes.


Guimarães has a train station located about 1km from the historical center.
This station is served by Intercities trains that connect directly to Lisbon and the towns of Porto that allow travel between Guimarães / Porto in approximately 60 minutes and ensure connections to other destinations.

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The nearest airport to Guimarães is Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Porto, which is about 50 km from Guimarães. For information on the Porto-Guimarães-Porto Airport transfer service.

Bus Station
There are several road companies that make direct and/or non-direct connections between any point in Portugal and Guimarães.
Using the existing motorway network, from Guimarães, you will reach Porto in approximately 30 minutes (A7 and A3), Braga in 15 minutes (A11), Vigo in 90 minutes (A7 and A3) and Lisbon in 180 minutes (A3, A7, and A1).


Guimarães offers a set of parking places in public parks

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