Harley-Davidson new electric bicycle is now available to order

Harley-Davidson may be better known as a motorcycle brand, but the company recently announced its first electric bicycle, the Serial 1. Now, this bicycle is finally available for order and the prices of the four models have already been revealed.

Those interested will be able to choose between the MOSH/CTY, RUSH/CTY Step-Thru, RUSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY Speed ​​models. The most affordable model, the MOSH/CTY, is available for $3,399, about €2,864. For this value, customers have access to a removable 529Wh battery that takes 4.8 hours to recharge, which has autonomy between 56 and 168km depending on the modes used.

The top model is the RUSH/CTY Speed ​​which costs 4,999 dollars (4,211 euros). This model includes a 706Wh battery that takes 6.5 hours to recharge. This model is capable of reaching a top speed of 45km/h.

All models of Serial 1 can now be ordered at the official store of this Harley-Davidson brand and are scheduled for delivery in March 2021. Only the RUSH/CTY Speed ​​model is scheduled for the summer of 2021.

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