IKEA joins Just A Change to help rebuild vulnerable family homes

IKEA has partnered with Just a Change to help rebuild homes for vulnerable families in Portugal.

Ikea is committed to having a positive impact on people and the planet, which is why this partnership with Just a Change makes perfect sense to us. We know that the house is the most important space in the world and where we must feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible for everyone and that is why we decided to contribute to help this association reach more people, more families and rebuild more houses” explains Ana Barbosa, responsible for sustainability at IKea Portugal.

Just a Change, a non-profit association that focuses on helping to rebuild homes of families in need, will be Ikea’s partner in its next campaign “Passing the card helps”. Between August 5 and 17, each time a customer passes the Ikea Family card in a store, the company will donate 10 cents to the cause.

Nothing is more important than having a home that can be lived with joy and hope. We believe that more than rebuilding houses, we rebuild lives. That is why we consider this partnership with Ikea strategic. It will make it possible to transform more and better the homes of the poorest, giving them a space that they value, and that improves their quality of life”, says António Bello, responsible for Just a Change.

Just a Change is a non-profit association, started in 2010, which rebuilds homes of people in need in Portugal. To this day, Just a Change has rebuilt hundreds of houses and institutions, having mobilized thousands of volunteers inside and outside the country.

The project seeks to reverse the negative impact that housing poverty has on the lives of families and individuals, and consequently on the urban fabric, with an alternative solution to resettlement and the creation of social neighborhoods: the rehabilitation of the houses where people live.

The Association bets on a unique social dynamism, which consists of the combination of three factors: direct intervention with rehabilitation in cases where there is no solution in the traditional/free market, the social impact on the person who sees his house rehabilitated and finally strength and dynamics of young volunteers who carry out rehabilitation.

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