Insights Talks 2020 brings together managers in a cycle of three debates

The cycle of three online debates Insights Talks 2020 begins this Thursday, July 2nd, in a partnership of LabEST – Laboratory of Entrepreneurship, Society and Technology with the coordination of the Management degree from the Piaget de Almada Institute and the support of the team of the Management Summit.

In this first virtual round table, scheduled to start at 9 pm, the theme will be “O Poder do Recomeço”, with the guests to discuss how the recovery of economic activity in their areas of intervention is going on, in this atypical phase of the pandemic.

At a time when many companies continue to view the year 2020 as practically lost and doubts remain about the real dimension of the economic crisis, the speakers will share their vision of how in a disruptive moment organizations are driven to be even more innovative and creative in reinventing their business.

The guest panel will feature three sectors of activity represented, who felt the effects of Covid-19 differently: automotive, tourism and technology. The speakers are Hélder Barata Pedro, secretary-general of ACAP – Automobile Trade Association; Miguel Caldeira Proença, CEO of Hoti Hotéis; and Soraya Gadit, CEO of Inocrowd. The moderation will be in charge of Luís Fonseca, consultant and general director of BigQuestion.

Two more debates will follow in the following two weeks: “Teleworking generates more productivity or not” (July 8) and “What companies are looking for in the digitalisation race” (July 16), also with the presence of influential guests in the management area.

The events have free access, with prior registration through the Piaget Institute website.

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