It is “extremely damaging” for the environment and populations the exploration of lithium


The environmental association Quercus will launch a public petition and will hold a national meeting to promote the debate on the exploitation of lithium in Portugal.

The 1st National Forum on lithium in Portugal, June 22 in Covilhã, aims to bring together “popular movements organized throughout the country, concerned about the environmental and social impacts of the exploitation of ore in their regions” and will present the digital platform, Lithium Alert.

The objective of the Lithium Alert is to “stop projects and proposals for the exploitation of lithium in Portugal”. According to the environmental organization “the exploitation of open ores is extremely harmful to the environment and to the population, grossly devaluing natural patterns, values ​​and human well-being.”

Already the public petition “Alerta Lithium – Against the Extraction and Mining of Mineral Deposits in Portugal”, to “impose a broad national discussion on the severe environmental impacts induced by the processes and procedures of mineral exploration and extraction”.

“The Government of Portugal, as well as the various companies seeking exploration and exploration rights, have been silent on explanations, mainly regarding the incompatibility between the recommended base mining model based on outdated methodologies with high emission rates pollutants. The environmental impacts of this industry of the past are antagonistic to the policy of green growth and the green agenda, “reports Quercus.

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