IVDP and NOVA IMS use AI to optimize the marketing of Douro and Porto wines

The project, financed by Portugal 2020 under the SAMA IA program, runs until December 2021, with a global budget of approximately 300 thousand euros.

The Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto (IVDP) and NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, present this Friday the IVDP Data+ project, a project where artificial intelligence and data science will support the planning and management processes aimed at optimizing processes with an impact, namely, on production costs or on identifying the best routes and destinations for Douro and Port wines.

The launch event, which takes place at 16.30 hours, in the Salão Nobre of the Douro and Porto Wine Institute, will be attended by the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Nuno Tiago Russo, of the IVDP President, Gilberto Churches, and NOVA IMS Deputy Director and NOVA Cidade Urban Analytics Lab Coordinator, Miguel de Castro Neto.

Through this model it will be possible to make production estimates for the winegrower – and to predict the respective production costs – to identify the most favorable wine transits and to suggest potential markets based on the characteristics of the wine, in addition to allowing the reliable tracking of all production, from the grape to the bottle, thus guaranteeing the total reliability of the final product.

“IVDP Data + will give us the ability to know and anticipate production and the market, nationally and internationally, in an analytical way, extracting value from the data already existing in the IVPD enriched with other data sources.

Taking advantage of current analytical capabilities, in their triple valence – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive, we will use data science and Artificial Intelligence not only to understand reality, but also and more importantly, to anticipate the future and propose actions that optimize results due to the evaluation of alternative scenarios and their optimization.”, explains Miguel de Castro Neto.

For Gilberto Igrejas, President of the IVDP, “The IVDP Data + project creates a new paradigm for planning and managing the entire Douro and Port wine value chain, laying the foundations for the public policies we pursue to be based on data, whether at the time of its construction, either in its monitoring and evaluation.

We thus created the bases for the economic, social and environmental dimensions to be integrated in a holistic approach capable of taking advantage of the current analytical capabilities at our disposal in a bet that we call Winalytics – the science of data at the service of viticulture in Douro and Porto.”

“We must support all initiatives that encourage a favorable climate for technology and innovation, that create concrete conditions for the competitiveness of organizations and the productivity of Portuguese companies to rise. These conditions should not only encourage technological innovation, but also innovation in management and in the labor relations themselves, valuing the workers’ innovation potential.

It is AMA’s purpose to implement the strategic lines and general policies related to electronic administration, administrative simplification and the distribution of public services, including interoperability in Public Administration, it is in this sense that projects such as IVDP Data + fit and envisage a more competitive administration and closer to companies and citizens”, defends Nuno Russo, Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Development.

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