KW transforms management structure to strengthen technology component

The reinforcement of technological tools to support its associates is the business development priority for KW and that is why in the coming years the company intends to reach the leadership of real estate in Portugal.

In view of this new purpose, the two founding partners decided to change the management model. In this way, Eduardo Garcia and Costa assumes the position of President devoting himself to what is the focus of the company, the technological aspect, and Nuno Ascensão assumes the position of CEO with the clear objective of making the 50-10-5 vision materialize: 50 Market Centers, with 10,000 Consultants, in five years.

“The real estate world is changing. The change is due to the fact that today technology is the one that enhances relationships between customers and companies, changing business models and, consequently, determining those that succeed and those that fall apart, ”says Eduardo Garcia and Costa. , President of KW in Portugal.

Gary Keller, founder of the North American company, went to work to create a new paradigm that could put Keller Williams in the group of companies that have the characteristics needed to lead the market. It is with this assumption that Keller Williams has established itself as a technology company.

KW technology is developed in the USA by top computer engineers, entails a $ 1 billion investment. In the US, Redfin, Zillow and KW will be the most relevant players in the near future. Being in this group in the US allows KW to be in a prime position in Portugal.

“We want to be a worldwide case study again,” says Eduardo Garcia and Costa. And he adds, “KW will create a new winning business model in Real Estate in Portugal, after the era of franchising networks.”

Nuno Ascensão, CEO of KW Portugal, says “KW’s growth stems from what we are able to add to the growth of each of our associates. Our commitment remains first with the real estate consultant to protect its centrality when switching home and with the company culture. Everything else follows naturally. ”

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