Lamego – Video


Age-old city, dating back to Roman times, was definitively regained in 1057 by Fernando Magno de León to the Moors; When the districts were instituted in 1835 by a reform of Mouzinho da Silveira, Lamego was originally intended as the district headquarters; but that same year its headquarters was moved to Viseu, due to its more central position.
It was in Lamego that the legendary Cortes de Lamego would have taken place, where D. Afonso Henriques was acclaimed as King of Portugal and the “Rules of Succession to the Throne” were established.

It is the seat of the diocese of Lamego (the only Portuguese diocese that does not correspond to a district capital), and there are numerous religious monuments in the municipality, including the Sé Cathedral, the Church of Saint Peter of Balsmanha and the Shrine of Our Lady. Senhora dos Remédios, which also gives its name to the annual Pilgrimage whose main day is September 8th, which is also the municipal holiday.

Also known for its gastronomy, in which its hams stand out, the “roast lamb with oven rice” and for the production of wines, namely Port wine, whose Demarcated Region is part, and sparkling wines.


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