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Le Sang d’un Poète | Porto

Le Sang d’un Poète
Wednesday 21:00
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Jean Cocteau movie
France · 1932 · Experimental · 55
Georges Auric Music
The use of music in French cinema has a long tradition, especially in the so-called Nouvelle Vague period. The start of the France Year at the House of Music could not happen without this other side of music, associated with cinema as a theme but also as an integral part, which comes to us with five films proposed by the Portuguese Cinematography Club – Cineclube do Porto. We begin with the beginnings of cinema and Jean Cocteau, with the experimental film The Blood of a Poet, with original music by one of the first film composers: Georges Auric. This original composition is part of the great value of this surrealistic film, which also features Coco Chanel’s wardrobe.

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