Luísa Sobral debuts in Italy


Singer-songwriter Luísa Sobral debuts in Italy in April, with performances in Ravenna and Rome, was announced today.

On April 25, the national day of Italy, Luísa Sobral works at the Teatro Comunale in Russi, Ravenna, as part of the Crossroads Festival, and the next day she works at the Offices Pasolini in Rome.

Luísa Sobral released her most recent album, ‘Rosa’, in December.

“This album tells stories and speaks of love, like all my albums, but this one has a different sonority, and the songs are more exposed, besides my voice is a little different, because during the pregnancy I became very hoarse, which influenced the way I composed it, but I decided to record it like that, with the voice that made me write the songs, “said Luísa Sobral.

Meanwhile, Luísa Sobral, who has been presenting the CD on national stages, has announced more dates: on April 05 she will perform at the Eunice Muñoz Municipal Auditorium in Oeiras, at the Soam as Guitars Festival, on the 27th, of Italy, performs at the Abril Jazz Mil Festival at the Filarmónica Humanitaria Society in Palmela, and, on September 21, he takes to the stage of the Center of Arts and Shows of Figueira da Foz.

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