Luz by Chakall is the new restaurant in SL Benfica’s Stadium

In a partnership between Kofler Portugal and Chef Chakall is born the restaurant “Luz by Chakall” at Luz Stadium

It opened its doors to the public on October 9th and brings to the table the flavors of the world and international cuisine for a stage of indescribable emotions, and opened officially yesterday, October 24th.

Chakall, the Argentine chef based in Portugal for two decades, accepted Kofler Portugal’s invitation to be the executive chef of this project and created a diverse menu that combines the flavors of Argentina, Italy, and of course Portugal. Three countries that love sports (and football in particular), and have strong traditions in gastronomy, sharing and table art.

The letter includes, of course, the famous Argentine empanadas and beef, queen in Chakall’s homeland, but also Portuguese snacks such as octopus salad or the noble cod, so central to national cuisine. Completing a letter that aims to bring the world and multiculturalism are dishes such as Italian pizzas, carpaccios, and burratas.

Check out the gallery below!


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