Marta Ren’s energy cheered the audience at the Harvest Festival

August 30 was the day that Marta Ren & The Groovelvets went up to the Stage and got everyone dancing in Palmela.

On Friday, August 30, throughout the afternoon, the Festa das Vindimas, (Grape Harvest Festival), in Palmela offered street music, African-rooted flash mobs and an equestrian show.

At 9:00 pm there was a concert with the Syphonic Youth Wensemble Baden Wurttemberg Orchestra that gave Palmelenses a night of classical music.

On the stage Adega Wine Louge passed the DJ Paulo Filipe and Não Há 2 Sem 3.

Marta Ren & The Grooovelvets gave an energetic cancer on the Main Stage that got the whole crowd dancing.

The Portuguese music group filled Palmela with rnb and soul at 11 pm.

Also on the Main Stage, they climbed the Brazil Dub at 1 am.

The Palmela Vindimas Festivities will not end until Tuesday, September 3, and then you can still hear Expensive Soul & The Jaguar Band, Carlão, Barbara Bandeira, Supa Squad and more.

Come and join us!

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