Microsoft announces HoloLens arrival in Portugal

Microsoft announces the arrival of HoloLens to the Portuguese market. Presented in 2019 as part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the new version HoloLens 2 has aroused considerable interest in all sectors of activity, from health, to manufacturing units or remote maintenance.

The new device offers an immersive and comfortable virtual reality experience that benefits from the reliability, security and scalability of Microsoft’s cloud and artificial intelligence services.

The device gives access to applications and solutions that allow users to learn, communicate and collaborate more effectively and is the result of a set of advances by Microsoft in the development of hardware, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

In addition to a better experience, the device offers more solutions than the previous version, namely the possibility of using Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Apps services, which makes it the smartest peripheral equipment on the market.

The quality of the experience translates into the visualization of more realistic and vibrant holograms, thanks to the doubling of the device’s field of view, which maintains the graphic reference density of 47 pixels per degree of vision, which reduces eye strain.

In addition, the equipment substantially improves the interaction with holograms, both in terms of visual contact and in terms of manipulation, bringing the real world experience even closer.

In Portugal, HoloLens is already being used in an innovative way in health, where the Champalimaud Foundation was a pioneer worldwide in the use of the device in surgery for patients with breast cancer.

“The quality of life of our patients is fundamental to us and it was in this sense that we started working to improve the methods and techniques used in our treatments. We innovated and developed a digital and non-invasive method using Augmented Reality and HoloLens to allow the surgeon to see and locate the tumor inside the patient’s body during surgery. This 100% digital, non-invasive method may in the near future replace all invasive techniques used today to locate breast tumors, providing greater comfort the women.”
-Dr. Pedro Gouveia, Researcher and Breast Surgeon at the Champalimaud Foundation

The device was built based on carbon fiber with an ergonomic design, has a more balanced center of gravity and allows the user to slide the glasses over the support structure, which gives it more comfort and flexibility of use, allowing users to change between tasks with and without virtual support, without removing the equipment.

In addition, the use of augmented reality applications such as Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Dynamics 365 Layout and the new Dynamics Guides Applications, together with access to an ecosystem of partners who develop solutions for the device, allow customers to use the equipment in different contexts and activities.

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