National Geographic highlights “Elvas, the star of Alentejo”


The September National Ecological Journey from the international publication National Geographic takes you to Elvas. Have you ever visited this national “star”?

“A small town south of Portugal, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2012 by the largest and most unique fortifications and buildings in the world. Its charms are numerous and so, in today’s article we share some of the best places and monuments that can not fail to visit “, this is how the renowned publication begins the article that highlights the city of Alentejo.

But the praise from National Geographic continues. “Elvas is the true star of the Alentejo”, highlighting how the municipality is considered World Heritage, is the largest fortified city in Europe and was one of the most important cities for Portugal’s independence.

“For centuries, an indestructible fortress was being built in Elvas to defend it from attacks by other peoples, such as the Castilians, and at the same time to guarantee the country’s independence,” the article explains.

National Geographic also listed the charms of the city that you can not miss: the Republic Square; Fort of Our Lady of Grace; Santa Luzia Fort; Mulberry Aqueduct; Elvas Castle and the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption.

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