New Google Chrome update has arrived

Google has improved Chrome and everything that this browser offers to users. With each new version, important new features emerge that make this proposal simpler to use and more adjusted to what is needed on the Internet.

It is in this context that a new Chrome update now appears, which brings many important new features to users. One, already available, will make the Internet less hassle and more user friendly.

The news that Google released in the latest Chrome update is the culmination of several months of testing. These are carried out in the Canary, Dev and Beta versions, then going on to the stable version and for all users of this browser.

Thus, and in version 84, we found an important novelty. From now on, notifications from websites. Even with the permission of the users, there are sometimes abuses that should not exist. Chrome will now control and block these abuses.

Still in Chrome dedicated to smartphones, a new improvement appears. Saved web applications now have access to quick shortcuts for quick interaction. Thus, they receive functionality that native apps already have.

This new version is now available for updating on the different platforms where Chrome is present. The list of improvements is very large and can be read on this link from Google, where the giant presents everything that has improved on Desktop and Android.
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