North Americans and Swedes prepare for World Cup ‘eighths’


The women’s teams of the United States and Sweden have now secured their expected qualification for the last 16 of the World Cup, with lavish triumphs over Chile and Thailand, respectively.

The Americans, who hold the title and look for the fourth scepter in eight editions, were forced to chase the 39th FIFA ranking 3-0 while the Swedes, worldwide, thrashed the Thais (34), by 5-1.

Veteran forward Carli Lloyd, 36, made the first and third goals of the champions at 11 and 35 minutes, opening the scoring at the edge of the area and the second in a header after a corner on the right.

The Americans’ second goal, at 26, had been similar, in this case with a detour, to Julie Ertz’s first post, with the back of the head.

Sweden’s five goals were singled out by different players, but the highlight was Thailand’s 90 + 1 goal by Kanjana Sungngoen.

The midfielder was quick to flee on the left, won tens of meters and, already in the area, ‘fired’ between the goalkeeper and the post.

In the inaugural challenge, the Asians had been ‘crushed’ by the United States by a final 13-0, a result that is a new record in the final stages of women’s world cups.

In Group F, the United States and Sweden, who face each other on Thursday, are leading six points, while Chile and Thailand are still without any point.

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