Omen Worten Game Ring Challenge League of Legends Finals Tomorrow


The competition featured the registration of 240 teams

Prize pool of 5,000 € will be distributed to the top 4 teams
Broadcast on RTP Arena and

The OMEN WORTEN GAME RING CHALLENGE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Grand Final will take place on December 7th between 11 am and 9 pm and will award the top four teams in the competition! After two very exciting qualifying rounds with 240 teams entered, it is time to let in the Rift teams that stood out and won their place in this final.

This competition was marked by the presence of some of the biggest teams of the Portuguese League of Legends who did not want to be left out, but in the final they only got the top eight: Boavista FC, K1ck Esports, EGN Esports, International Friendship XD, FTW Esports, Dynamic Elements Calamity, FTW Evolution and Hollywood Player.

The € 5,000 prize pool will be distributed to the top four teams who will have to fight for their podium spot. Everyone who doesn’t want to miss the thrills of this final can watch the broadcast on RTP Arena or at All information and details about this final are available at

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