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Ornatos Violeta – Vila Nova de Gaia ๐Ÿ—“ ๐Ÿ—บ


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “Monstro Needs Friends” in 2019, the Violet Ornatos decided to offer the audience, from north to south, with a short return to concerts, for the full interpretation of their seminal work, in three major festivals: the first, in Lisbon, at NOS Alive, on 11 July; the second, in Gaia, at MEO Marรฉs Vivas, on 20 July; the third and last, in Faro, Festival F, on 6 September.

Tickets for the first two festivals are already on sale in the usual venues

Edited on November 22, 1999, “Monstro Needs Friends”, the second and last album of originals of the Violet Ornatos, surpassed the expectations created by the debut album, “Dog!”, And confirmed the talent of Manel Cruz (voice ), Nuno Prata (bass), Peixe (guitar), Kinรถrm (drums) and Elรญsio Donas (keyboards) in the composition of timeless songs that, year after year, continue to be discovered, recovered or interpreted by the younger generations. This is the case of “Captain Romance” that counts on the special guest Gordon Gano, of the Violent Femmes, one of the greatest references of the Ornatos Violeta, to sing in Portuguese, “Chaga”, “Dia Mau” or “Ouvi Dizer” with the participation special and unforgettable of Vรญtor Espadinha, true treasures of the national songbook.

Produced by Mรกrio Barreiros, “Monstro Needs Friends” was the usual “difficult second album” that would eventually prove to be the magnum opus of the band, both commercially, reaching the Platinum brand and, above all, the reception by the fans and specialized criticism, with BLITZ considering it the third Best Portuguese Album published in the 90s and one of the 25 best Portuguese albums edited between 1960 and 2000.

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