Paredes de Coura Festival closes with return of Arcade Fire 13 years later

Arcade Fire’s Canadians return today to Paredes de Coura, heading the festival poster 13 years after their Minho debut when they appeared between Hot Hot Heat and The Roots.

Win Butler’s band, which went through Campo Pequeno in Lisbon in April, still with the album “Everything Now” as the motto of the performance, returns to close a festival in which he left good memories.

At the time, in an edition that director João Carvalho classified as “historical” and “year of the greatest madness” of the lives of the organizers, The Arcade Fire (appeared in the poster with the article “The”) acted the same night of Pixies, then back to active, and a Queens of the Stone Age just released “Lullabies to Paralyze.”

The previous day, Aug. 16, 2005, names such as Death From Above 1979, Kaiser Chiefs, The Bravery, and Foo Fighters had gone up on Paredes de Coura’s stage, while the next night they would see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the festival.

Also today, Paredes de Coura will count on the concerts of Big Thief, Curtis Harding, Dear Telephone, Dead Combo, Keep Razors Sharp, Myles Sanko, Silva, Yasmine Hamdan, among others.

The festival this year saw an increase in foreign audiences that the organization attributed to the “Arcade Fire effect”, but mainly to the “charm of the event” and the success of word-of-mouth out of doors.

Speaking on Thursday, the director of the Paredes de Coura festival, João Carvalho, pointed to an increase of around 12% in public across borders, especially Spain, France, England and a “Belgian phenomenon”.

“It has grown a bit, probably because of the Arcade Fire effect. Essentially [there is an increase in public], Spanish, but there are also English, French, Belgians, do not ask me why, but there is a Belgian phenomenon that is growing,” he said.

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