Pedro Abrunhosa releases “Corpo i Alma” on November 27

“Corpo i Alma” hits stores on November 27th.

Pedro Abrunhosa has always resisted the fragmentation of his art in a collection with his best songs, considering that they live in the works in which they were edited, as a soul inhabits a body.

However, in this atypical year of 2020, he decided to accede to the request of so many people who for more than a decade have been asking him for an anthology. He selected 36 songs, from “CORPO” and “ALMA”, and the result is a double album, entitled “CORPO i ALMA”, which reflects the soundtrack of our lives for almost three decades.

In the 18 songs that make up the album “ALMA” of “CORPO i ALMA”, there are “Lua” from the debut album “VIAGENS” (1994), “Momento (Uma Espécie de Céu)” from “MOMENTO” (2002) and “Pode O Céu Ser So Far” by “LONGE” (2010), which mark the introspective side of a discography that finds its counterpoint in “CORPO”, as in “Give me everything you have to give me” by “TEMPO” (1996), “Diabo no Corpo” by PALCO (2003) or “É Necessiso Ter Calma” and “Socorro” by VIAGENS (1994).

Throughout this double album we can also rediscover incredible duets that Pedro Abrunhosa has been carrying out throughout his career, with great names in Portuguese music and beyond, by Camané in “Para os Braços da Minha Mãe”, Lila Downs in “Amor em Tempo de Muros”, passing by Ana Moura in “Dor Sem Alibi”, Carolina Deslandes in “Tempestade” or Lenine in “Diabo No Corpo”.

“CORPO i ALMA” is a compilation for us to enjoy this Christmas, while we await the edition of the new album that Pedro Abrunhosa is composing, with edition scheduled for 2021.

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