Piaget promotes online event about physiotherapy in menopausal women

The Piaget Institute of Vila Nova de Gaia is organizing this Monday, July 6th, a webinar on “Physiotherapy in women in menopause”. The event, with free access, takes place through the Zoom platform, starting at 6 pm, requiring only prior registration through the Piaget Institute website.

Menopause is a defining moment in the life cycle of all women and most will experience some or a large part of their symptoms. This phase is associated with a reduction in estrogen levels, which leads to physiological changes that affect different organ systems.

Physiological changes can disturb the normal course of women’s activity, from leisure activities to work, which may jeopardize their quality of life and social participation. In this context, physiotherapy plays an important role in maintaining women’s well-being.

This is the starting point of the webinar, in which we will try to explain how physiotherapy contributes to the reduction or resolution of symptoms associated with menopause. Through the promotion and development of knowledge about the movement of the body, and in particular the pelvis, with the general and specific muscle strengthening, it is in fact possible to effectively improve the quality of life of women.

José Luís Sousa, PhD in Public Health and Epidemiology, coordinator of the degree and supervisor of clinical teaching in Physiotherapy at the Piaget Institute of Vila Nova de Gaia and physiotherapist in the service of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Centro Hospitalar do Port.

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