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Planet Hemp return to Europe after last visit in 2003
Together for over 25 years, Planet Hemp are one of the most important bands in the Brazilian music scene. With a sound that mixes rock and hip hop, lyrics in Portuguese, and with Marcelo D2 and BNegão in their voice, the band has thousands of fans all over the world. Tingling bass (also a founding member of the band), Pedrinho on drums and Bruno on guitar, complete the “team” that will take the field on this new European tour.

His three studio albums – ‘User’, ‘Dogs Bark But Caravan Doesn’t Stop’ and ‘Invasion of the Sagacious Smoke Man’ – were released with great success by Sony Music, reaching the gold and platinum record marks. .

But it is live that the band becomes Planet Hemp, playing their greatest hits for an audience that transcends generations, from those who follow from the beginning of their career to the youngest, who discovered the band most recently.

In 2018 the band was honored feature film on the friendship between the two founders, Marcelo D2 and Skunk, who has been winning awards after awards at film festivals.

Planet Hemp are now returning to Europe after a hiatus of more than 15 years, with concerts in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany already confirmed (among others to be announced), to present a parade of hits like “Legalize Now”, “ Burning It All ”,“ Keep Respect ”,“ Dig Dig Dig ”and“ Context ”and who knows new original themes, as recently announced by one of the band’s most influential members.

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