Planetiers the sustainability of the planet was in Lisbon

Planetiers World Gathering 2020

Planetiers World Gathering 2020 (PWG) the largest event in the world dedicated to the sustainability of life on the planet ended today at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, with many speakers and guests who were in Portugal or who made their presence known by streaming.

The first day was marked by the intervention of Altice’s CEO, Alexandre Filipe Fonseca, who in his speech, the main stage, spoke about Altice’s guidelines regarding the company’s sustainability, which was one of the sponsors of the event.

Also the intervention of the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, who in her speech spoke about the tourism sector, its importance and the way it has worked for sustainability.

This was followed by Fernando Medina, president of the municipality of Lisbon, who in his speech mentioned the challenges for the capital for the coming years but also the various measures he has taken for the sustainability of the capital.

Mohan Munasinghe, Nobel Peace Prize 2007, also spoke at the event, he who is a development presented a new way to look at sustainability a global and systemic perspective combining social, climate and economic growth.

The event is also a showcase of everything we can do, every day, to improve our lives and the lives of others, without sacrificing the environment while maintaining the quality of life, even if it is necessary to sacrifice some small “luxuries” that sometimes are not even important. This event included lectures, planetary sessions and discussion panels led by more than 100 speakers. A large number of topics were discussed in order to answer the most common questions, find solutions and share experiences.

Luís Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal, was also present at the event, tourism which is one of the most important sectors for the Portuguese economy and which was so affected by the covid-19.

As part of this initiative, the organization promotes the Planetiers Awards, a transversal and dynamic contest that aims to reward innovative and responsible ideas and projects, covering six categories.

But there were also other issues with the intervention of Rosa María de la Garza, Human Rights Activist, who spoke about Human Trafficking in Mexico and its connection to prostitution, or Maria Bravo, Founder of Global Gift Foundation & CEO of Maupy Worldwide, Spanish philanthropist, actress and entrepreneur, who with the Foundation benefits children, women, families and different charities around the world.

During the 2 days of Planetires, innovative products were presented, such as:

    For a healthier and more sustainable food
    Sustainable fashion is the focus.
    Regeneration Waves is a movement with a space-time nursery and co-working lab for regenerative actions. Our goal is to inspire, incubate and launch projects and people that will recover the soil, oceans, forests, wildlife and communities over the next generation with a symbiotic economy.
    Sustainable Development Agenda, and its effective implementation in business and educational contexts.
    Marie-Eve is a child care brand, feminine and adult hygiene
    A platform for clean mobility without CO2 emissions for the future
  • UNII
    Organic Skin Food.
    Sustainable fashion brand, created in Portugal.
    To help organizations and individuals reduce their carbon footprint.
    A carpet produced from regenerated textiles, use of used clothes and waste from industry.
    Portuguese bio-based industrial company group focused on the development and deployment of technologies for bioprocesses, using sustainable raw materials and renewable biological resources, to fuel our future.

The second day had as many stars, among them, Daymond John, a well-known investor in the Shark Tank (US), who told us about his journey and the importance of his mother in creating the clothing brand FUBO, the difficulties he faced, his connection to RAP and its connection to the television program that has allowed the creation of so many companies but also the launch of ideas and products.

José Sá Fernandes, Counselor and Coordinator of Lisbon 2020 European Green Capital, who spoke about the need to make cities and countries keep up with stronger sustainability plans and who spoke about the challenges of the Portuguese capital.

The event ended with an intervention with a mini-concert by Carolina Deslandes and Barbara Tinoco who, in a duet, performed some of the greatest successes of the two Portuguese artists.

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