Porto – About the city


Separated by the Douro River from the great cellars of the famous wine to which it gave its name, Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal and there is a certain feeling of rivalry with Lisbon.

But while its ancient roots have been proudly preserved, a thriving and efficient trade makes it a modern city, and its traditional importance as an industrial center does not diminish the charm and character of its old quarters or even the bustle of new avenues flanked by it. from shopping centers or quiet residential blocks.

The area around the Cathedral deserves to be explored, with its many monuments, such as the Santa Clara Renaissance Church and the crowded Barredo neighborhood, which seems to have not changed since medieval times.

By the river, the Ribeira district becomes fascinating with its alleys, typical houses and picturesque population: it has been recently restored and now includes trendy bars and restaurants.

Equally lively and colorful is the BolhĂ£o market, where you can buy almost anything, but close by are the most elegant jewelery and leather shops in Baixa.

The city of Porto offers many other attractions, monuments and museums, as well as an increasingly busy cultural calendar.

With its well-known cuisine and hospitable population, it is also the starting point for the unforgettable experience of climbing the Douro River.

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