Porto Covo – Description



Population: 1116 inhabitants (Census 2001)
Area: 4813 km2
Orago: Nossa Senhora da Soledade
Limits according to cartographic representation:
To the North: Ribeira da Oliveirinha (Praia de Vale Figueiras) to the National Road Nº 120 – 1, at kilometer 7.5.
South: Limits of the municipality of Sines with Odemira.
The East: From kilometer 7.5 of the National Road No. 120-1, following through until you find the boundary line of the county of Sines with that of Santiago do Cacém.
The West: The shoreline with the Atlantic Ocean
Economic activities: Activities linked to tourism, such as catering and hospitality. Activities linked to tourism and the sea, such as recreational fishing, boat trips and diving. Agriculture, Commerce, Fishing, Construction, Services and others.
Gastronomy: In the restaurants of Porto Covo you can taste dishes based on fish and seafood. Shellfish feijoada, seafood rice and monkfish, fish dumpling, pork with clams. Arroz de lingueirão, açorda de marisco, octopus to lagareiro, espetadas of squid, among others … Seafood as perceivers, navalheiras, crabs; the welsh, roe and octopus salads, cannot be left unproven.
A delicacy to savor in the Easter tides: the sea urchin, roasted or cooked.


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