Portugal ranked 22nd in the world’s healthiest countries ranking


The list is headed by Spain, which rose six positions since the last report, released in 2017.

Portugal has fallen a position and is 22nd in the world ranking of the healthiest countries. First, in Spain, the neighbouring country, which is 2017, the date of the last report, was in sixth place.

The list is from the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, which evaluates 169 countries under various health and wellness prisms, such as average life expectancy, obesity, tobacco use, the environment, or the infant mortality rate.

Bloomberg says Spain’s victory is largely related to its high average life expectancy – it will be almost 86 years in 2040, the highest value of all the countries that are part of the report.

Italy moved to second place after losing the top spot. In third place is Iceland (which was second), followed by Japan (up three positions) and Switzerland (down two positions).

Before Portugal, which is below, are countries like Singapore (8th), Israel (10th), France (12th) or the United Kingdom (19th). The country, however, was ahead of Germany (23rd), Belgium (28th), USA (35th) or China (52th).

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