Portugal reduces carbon emissions through electric vehicles


ECooltra, the leader in shared scooter mobility in Portugal, whose main feature is the use of zero-emission vehicles, is close to the 2 million km barrier, only in the city of Lisbon.

It belongs to the Spanish group Cooltra, which also includes Ecoscooting, which is dedicated to providing a personalized delivery service and Cooltra, the largest European company in motorcycle rental, eCooltra has found that, in Portugal alone, a total of 1,822,527 km in its 100% electric scooters from eCooltra, since they launched in the Portuguese capital in 2017. This distance traveled is equivalent to 45 turns to Earth. In these almost 2 million kilometers traveled, no type of emission of CO2 occurred, thanks to the electrical system with which all the scooters are equipped.

The batteries themselves of these motorcycles are designed with renewable materials, just as the vehicles used for the maintenance of eCooltra’s fleet are also powered by electricity. In this way, the company guarantees a 100% sustainable service, and eCooltra users in the capital are thus responsible for the reduction of 133,044kg of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Taking into account all the countries where the brand operates, 22 million kilometers have been made with eCooltra scooters, representing 530 rounds of the Earth and saving 1,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

At a time when Portugal has recently been recognized as one of the countries that have further reduced CO2 consumption, the company is pleased to be able to contribute in some way to these results.

According to the Eurostat study, Portugal reduced about 9% of emissions, more than triple the other countries of the European Union.

There are many changes in Portugal that have contributed to these results. The bet of companies of shared mobility, which allows the Portuguese to move in a more economical and sustainable way may be one of the most relevant factors.

“Since its inception, eCooltra has always been committed to providing a sustainable service that results in cleaner and more environmentally friendly cities. In Portugal, I still see a great margin of growth and, being able to grow, knowing that we have contributed to the preservation of the environment, I am very satisfied “, affirms Timo Buetefish, CEO and founder of the group.

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