Portuguese emigrant candidate for mayor in Norway


The Portuguese emigrant Nuno Marques, who has been living in Norway for 11 years, is a candidate for mayor of Notodden, 116 kilometres south of the capital, Oslo.

The son of Pedro Marques, a former president and councillor in the Tomar City Council, the 38-year-old Portuguese emigrant never thought of embracing politics, but after receiving the invitation, he did not take long to accept being a party head of the Center (Senterpartiet).

Now it is the third largest Norwegian party, a very nationalist party, the former party of farmers,” told Nuno Marques, stressing that it is a political force that “defends Norwegian interests and decentralization a lot, it is against centralization services”.

Nuno Marques recalled that entry into the world of politics happened unexpectedly in February. Almost a month later, the Portuguese, who teaches International Politics at the Hogskolen i Sorost-Nunge Higher Institute, joined the Center Party precisely on the day of his birthday, March 17th.

In August, I invited Senterpartiet’s deputy to the Telemak region, where Nottoden is located. As we have many friends in common, I asked her if she would be interested in being my guest to give lessons on the Norwegian political system to my foreign students, Erasmus students. In February, I received a message from her asking if I would be interested in joining the Center Party’s list for the municipal elections on 9 September,” he said.

Still linked to Notodden FK, who represents since 2008 and where he currently performs the duties of goalkeeper coach, Nuno Marques said he was surprised by the proposal to be the candidate for the presidency of the commune’s chamber, with 914 square kilometres and little more than 12,300 inhabitants.

It never crossed my mind to be the number one candidate,” admitted Nuno Marques, stressing that he has accepted that he can “give something to the community” in a chamber where the Center Party never had the presidency attributed to the Labor Party (Arbeiderpartie ).

Nuno Marques said that he had responded “in the capacity of the nominating committee of the Center Party to show great interest and confidence” in his powers “to be the party’s main candidate for local elections in Notodden.

The view of Norwegian politics, different from that of the Portuguese emigrant of the Portuguese, was also “a fact that helped in a certain way” so that he accepted to head the list.

I follow politics a lot in Portugal, I did not go back to my father’s family experience, but here, politics is different, not politics, politicians, their aim here is to do their best for the benefit of society, to combat inequalities and injustices, “he said.” There is closer and direct contact with the population”.

Nuno Marques also considered that Portuguese politicians “are denigrating the image of the political class, there are many scandals“.

Being a politician is synonymous with corruption in Portugal. It is sad because Portugal has a huge potential, with a lot of good and honest people, but unfortunately, those who govern the country do not want the best for the people, or the best for their friends, for your family and for your business, “he said.

After Benfica, from youth to senior level, Nuno Marques, who held the position of goalkeeper, played for Estrela da Amadora before transferring to Lyn, a football club in Oslo in 2004.

He represented Tonsberg – a month on loan – and joined Bryne and, in 2008, in Notodden FK, settling in the heritage city of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), where he closed the footballer’s career and went through the training of goalkeepers.

I came here because of the football, I feel very good here, people always treated me well, this invitation was something that I could not refuse, because for any immigrant it is the biggest sign of recognition that can have,” concluded Nuno Marques , which has as its objective to request dual nationality (Portuguese and Norwegian) when the law approved in December 2018 comes into force.

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