Portuguese-speaking artists unite in contention with an online music festival

GALP contest brings together artists from Portuguese-speaking countries in online music festival

This unprecedented initiative aims to bring together artists from the countries where the company GALP is present, denouncing a new form of colonialism that they claim is aggravating the climate crisis

Next Friday, April 24, during the GALP General Shareholders’ Meeting, it will be possible to watch live 3 hours of concerts and conversations on Instagram by Grev, Climaclática Estudantil and 2 degrees artivism.

Activists accuse Galp of “environmental and social extractivism”, of being the main player in the climate crisis in Portugal, and also of a new form of colonialism when exploring fossil fuels in countries that were previously colonized by Portugal.

The GALP Must Fall Live festival is part of a protest that calls for the dismantling of Galp, an energy transition that is fair to the affected workers, repairs to the affected communities and ecosystems and public energy for all people, 100% renewable and managed democratically, it can be read on the initiative’s website, where the activities scheduled for the 24th of this month are announced.

This event features emerging artists such as Bergalgo (Portugal), TRKZ (Mozambique), Nitry (Cape Verde) and Djucu Dabó (Guinea-Bissau).

The protest includes several aspects, online and offline. We will be present at AGA to ask questions of this Galp decision-making body, we will have an artivist festival with performances by artists from several of the countries where Galp is present and mass online actions, namely through of the website manifest.ap p, which allows demonstrations on digital streets“, says activist João Reis, from the collective Climáximo.

At a time when we need to reduce global emissions by 50% over the next 10 years, GALP proposes to double the production of energy from fossil fuels. It is our duty to challenge this path. What better way if not through culture? As GALP is dedicated to greenwashing through music, we thought it made sense to challenge in that field too, showing that there are alternatives and that we will not let them continue the path of social and environmental destruction they are plotting”, says activist Ana Rodrigues, from the collective 2degrees artivism.

Know more about this cause on the organization’s Facebook and Instagram.

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