Praia de Almograve


It is an oceanic beach located on the coast of Portugal – Iberian Peninsula – in the municipality of Odemira, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Almograve Beach, also known as Praia Grande, has a very long and wide sandy beach. It is in the immediate vicinity of the village of Almograve.
The waters are somewhat scrambled, the result of the surf in the immersed rocks throughout the bathing area.
The clifftop is topped by large dunes.
To the north, the beach is bounded by a cliff overhang called Ponta dos Azulejos and to the south by a similar one, called Ponta da Ilha. In the center is the iconic Rocha Furada. From this rock to the south, the beach is known as Meia Praia.
The access is made by three stairs along the cliff.

Inserted in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Almograve Beach makes a difference on a rocky and jagged coast, with its long sandy beach surrounded by cliffs and reddunes.

With supporting infrastructure and spacious parking, the beach is situated next to the village of Almograve, a quiet village that is worth walking and without hurry.

To the south is Cabo Sardão, a rugged but very beautiful place, with a breathtaking view of the jagged coastline that hides deserted beaches.

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