Primavera with Beatriz Pessoa at the Maria Matos theater

Second concert whit Beatriz Gosta

Beatriz Pessoa presented her project the second concert “Serões de Primavera em Novembro” at the Maria Matos theater with Beatriz Gosta as a guest.

“Serões de Primavera em Novembro (“Spring Sessions in November”) is Beatriz Pessoa‘s latest project to not only present her album “Primaveras” but to use her platform to talk about important issues such as feminism, sexuality, careers, and racism.

With Guilherme Salgueiro on the keys, Guilherme Melo on the drums, and Ricardo Marques on the bass, Beatriz invited Beatriz Gosta to accompany her in what was the second session of November, at the Maria Matos theater, last Tuesday, November 17th.

We could hear themes like “Feminina”, “Vento”, “Elefante da Sorte”, “Fundo Azul” and “Medo de Estimação”. The theme of this first session was “fear” and in a loose and sincere conversation, Beatriz Gosta and Beatriz Pessoa discussed sexuality without taboos with the audience in an intimate moment.

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