Profits decrease €397/month and 77% of professionals receive less than €500 monthly

Professionals working in the children’s area register an average loss of profits of €397/month, with 77% of respondents claiming that they are currently receiving less than € 500/month, reveals Fixando, in a study carried out with 1,200 professionals in the field and users of the platform.

In order to measure the impact of the pandemic on the lives of children and professionals in the field in Portugal, this study, carried out between September 29 and October 7 by the largest national platform for contracting local services, adds that 1 in every 2 professionals it will not survive from December, if the situation remains as it is today.

Even so, the measures adopted in the workplace have been taken in order to respect the safety rules, namely the disinfection of hands, spaces, work materials, and use of masks.

As for the children’s relatives, the concern falls not only on safety, but also on the impact of the pandemic on social life and routines, with 49% of respondents considering the impact of the pandemic and restrictions on the lives of children very negative. children.

Regarding the feeling of security, 64% of families consider it unsafe to have birthday parties, 40% insecure to participate in extracurricular activities, 51% insecure the frequency of playgrounds and the like.

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