Profits of 77% of professionals are affected with average losses of €1,300 per deal

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By the end of the year 90% estimate that the profit should regress to a monthly average of €2,314 per business/professional.

The confinement of the two weekends in November will impact the profits of 77% of professionals in the services sector, with the breakdowns averaging, on average, €1,300 per business/professional, reveals Fixando, the largest national platform for hiring employees. local services after surveying 6,400 professionals between 9 and 13 November.

The result of the survey also adds that, until the end of 2020, 90% of professionals in the tertiary sector expect confinement to cause an even greater drop in profits, with an average loss of around €2,314 per business/professional, each month.

With regard to the alternatives found to mitigate the impact of confinement, the professionals opted for the temporary shutdown of the business (39%), changes in working hours (38%), and the transition to remote work (28%).

Respondents (58%) also revealed that they found the greatest obstacles, caused by confinement, the fall in demand, customers’ fear of being in contact with professionals, and the difficulty in acquiring work materials.

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