Proside has solution for the queues on the beaches

The official opening of the Portuguese beaches is scheduled for June 6 and there is a Portuguese technological company that has the solution to control the waiting lines that are expected this summer. Proside owns the Proximo® application, used, for example, in courts and health services, allowing control of the capacity of spaces and managing waiting time.

Paulo Alves, CEO of Proside, says: “we can do a‘ check-in ’on the beach, using the‘ Proximo® mobile app’. The citizen can select the beach he wants to go to and mark his place. If a given space has a well-defined capacity, we can assign these places to people and determine when it is full or available”. “This would be a situation similar to going to a cultural show and presenting a ticket, but, in this case, it would be the application to score the ticket“, he concludes.

The ‘Proximo® application also has the possibility of being programmed to make “reservations” of services and associated spaces, namely parking, a place on the beach and in a restaurant, notifying its users of the evolution of the space or location in question.

This system, which has been in existence for 16 years, can also provide all the information collected to the competent authorities and go further, by managing parking lots, awnings, sunbeds and access to restaurants.

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