Rap on Christmas Eve | Kappa Jotta & Amaro release new single


Kappa Jotta and Amaro, Good Fellas Good Music artists said this holiday season! Through their latest single “NAH”, an egotrip of the two rappers, accompanied by a very irreverent, creative and suggestive look at the time. Where artists give their fans the kind of rhymes, metrics, instrumental and flows that they expect so much from them.

This theme premiered Friday, December 20, 2019, written and performed by Kappa Jotta and Amaro, produced by James Gold, the video being conceptualized by John Doe and Good Fellas Good Music.
This video features a very fun and different Santa Claus character who dances, jumps, rides a horse and rests on the couch instead of distributing gifts. Derived from the countless subtitles with no lyrics, in order to deliver between messages and advice or just laughter, the viewer feels the need to watch the videos over and over until he can capture all the messages, images and the corresponding music.

With this single the artist Kappa Jotta ends the year 2019, where he devoted himself to releasing singles, creating his publisher Good Fellas Good Music, which features Amaro and Jvst Fly and preparing the next and long-awaited project to be released. in 2020 by Kappa Jotta.

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