Rede Artéria in Belmonte

The participation component of the Belmonte community in the new show by Rede Artéria – Caminho, directed by Filipa Francisco, and scheduled to debut in September -, had to be reformulated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the preparation continued. From a “Logbook”, where the choreographer virtually documents the process with the letters she is writing to the participants of the show, through the sharing of contents about what has already happened and the collection of biographies and narratives of the population that continue to take place , until the installation of a “Love Story Collection Office”.

Since January, Rede Artéria, the Municipality of Belmonte and Mundo em Reboliço have been preparing the show CAMINHO, under the direction of choreographer Filipa Francisco and scheduled to debut in September. A project with dance, theater, voice and music, which is being built from the biographies and narratives of the population of the municipality of Belmonte, and which will relate the real, fictional and poetic dimensions, the social-historical and political dimensions of the various places where one will “walk together, intertwining various corporealities”.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, several face-to-face initiatives for the creation of Caminho, namely the creation of creative workshops in the various parishes of Belmonte, had to be postponed or reformulated. One of these sessions also took place, on February 24, which resulted in a group of local participants joining the creative team that includes Tiago Pereira (music), Carlota Lagido (costumes), Miguel Canaverde (documentary) and the interpreters Beatriz Dias and Bruno Alexandre. And the contact between all these people continued.

Since March, with the construction of a public “Logbook”, Filipa Francisco virtually documents the creative process, writes letters to the participants of the show and continues to collect stories, biographies and narratives from the population. In May, with the creation of a working group in permanent virtual contact, interviews, visits, but also physical warm-up sessions, videos of presentation by the creative team will continue.

And even before all the face-to-face workshops are held, in all parishes in Belmonte, there will be another moment of contact with the community, in which even those who do not have access to technological means can tell love stories that will integrate a Show!

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