Sintra starts charging a tourist tax of one euro as of March


The Sintra Chamber will start charging a tourist overnight rate of overnight accommodation in hotels and local accommodation for one euro per night up to a maximum of three nights in a row.

In a note published today, the municipality indicates that the municipal tourist fee for overnight stay entered into force on February 16 and begins to be charged from March 1, for one euro per guest, up to the “maximum limit of three nights followed“.

The revenues will be invested in projects, studies, equipment or infrastructures that promote the sustainable growth of tourism, the environmental quality of the region and the maintenance of the cultural heritage of the municipality,” explained the Chamber.

The fee will be charged at all tourist developments and local accommodation establishments, but are exempt from paying guests up to the age of 13 or who have their stay offered by the unit where they are staying.

The visitor and an accompanying person who travels to the county for health reasons, namely for consultations, medical examinations and treatments, as well as those who are lodged by express determination of the chamber or Social Security is also exempt of the fee.

In the case of the tourist staying for five days, interrupting the stay for two days and returning to stay an additional five days will be due to six euros of the fee, corresponding to two periods of three consecutive days of nights, clarifies the autarchy on its website.

The nights as of March 1, related to reservations made prior to that date, will also be subject to the payment of a fee at the time of ‘check-in’ or ‘check out’ at the tourist accommodation unit.

The settlement and collection of the overnight rate is the responsibility of companies or entities that exploit, under legal terms, tourist undertakings and local accommodation establishments, the local authority informed.

The chamber has previously admitted charging a tourist fee of two euros, but for now, the value will be one euro.

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