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Six days of carnival in the region of Lisbon

A few days after the Carnival celebrations invade the streets, the Regional Tourism Entity of the Region of Lisbon presents a program with activities that promise to make the joy of revellers of all ages, over 6 days.

A trip to the 18th century at the Mascaras de Oeiras Dance, creative workshops for children in Amadora, parades with ‘Arte e Fantasia’ on the streets of Lourdes and the traditional Corso Carnavalesco in Palmela are some of the suggestions for a lively Carnival in the region of Lisbon.

Amadora | Carnival Offices

The Amadora Municipal Museum of Archeology develops Carnival Workshops throughout the month of February, under the theme ‘I went back to the square and found a face’ with the aim of building carnival masks, directed at schools and organized groups. At the Municipal Library Fernando Piteira Santos the youngest are challenged to let their creativity flow into the creation of their own mask in the workshop ‘What would be the Carnival without masks?’ aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 10, taking place on March 4 (10:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. or 2.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Participation in Carnival Workshops in the Municipality of Amadora is free but subject to prior registration.

Loures | Carnival Saloio ‘Art and Fantasy’

The colour and joy will dominate the streets of the city of Loures from March 2 to 6, with more than 20 groups, 15 floats and 1850 extras to parade to the sound of the Signal Band in the traditional Carnival Saloio that this year has as its theme ‘ Art and Fantasy ‘.

Those who travel to Loures over the course of these days will be able to recognize the most varied types of art such as ‘Magic’, the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, the painting by Frida Kahlo or the graffiti of the initiative ‘Loures, Public Art’, as well as a world with more fantasy where the candy, the history of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the ‘Magic World of Poppy’, the imaginary legend of ‘El Dorado’ or the fiction of ‘Steampunk’, without forgetting the ‘Clowns’ . Admission is free at the Carnival Corsican on March 3 and 4.

The Peace and Friendship Pavilion hosts the usual Carnival Balls, starting on the 2nd with the Coronation of the Kings of Carnival and continues on the 4th with the Baile Trapalhão, where each party is invited to bring the most bizarre and entertaining disguise that you can imagine.

The festivities end in great with the most satirical moment of Carnival, the “Burial of King D. Ocarário XLVI”, on March 6 from 9 pm, which will feature the traditional funeral procession and the reading of the will of the King Momo ‘followed by a spectacle of fireworks.

Oeiras | Dance of Masks to Style XVII Century

The Municipality of Oeiras invites the revellers to embark on a trip up to the 18th century and challenges them to experience the palatial and festive atmosphere of the old Carnival dances. The arts (dance, theatre, circus), the use of the mask and the game of role reversal are the protagonists of this dance, wrapped in sound-design, scenery and wardrobe appropriate to the theme. A different and genuine experience for the public, where visitors can interact and interact in all program activities.

It is in the Palace and Gardens of the Marquis of Pombal that everything happens from March 1 to 3 and the entrance is free (conditioned to the capacity of the spaces).

Palmela | Carnival to Dance

The Municipality of Palmela is dancing nonstop between March 2 and 6. In Pinhal Novo, as is tradition, the Corso Carnavalesco organized by the Friends of Bacchus will liven up the streets of the village. In the afternoon of March 2 families are invited to an afternoon of ‘Carnival to Dance’ in the Municipal Library of Pinhal Novo. The celebrations end with the Burial of Cod on the 6th.

From 2 to 4, the party is guaranteed at the headquarters of the local communities, as is the case of the Humanitarian Philharmonic Society, Palmelense Philharmonic Society ‘Loureiros’ and Musical Education Society of Quinta do Anjo, which dynamize the traditional Carnival Dances, always with a full house. The old tradition of the Judgment of the Entrudo is recreated in Águas de Moura, on the 6th, by the Strangely Crazy and Absurd Theater.

Highlight also for the sports initiatives Hidrocarnaval – Open Class of Hydrogynastic and Carnival Tournament Basketball Interactions and for the children’s activities Carnival Wild Carnival and Carnival Vacations – ‘Have fun with us’.

Sesimbra | Tradition by the sea

In the Sesimbrense community, the carnival spirit has been felt since January with the Samba Schools and the Axé Groups going out to rehearse the parades that mark March 2, 3 and 5.

It is, however, the educational and teaching establishments that open the parades on March 1st, at 10am

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