Sogrape has the best intranet in Europe

Launched at the end of 2018, the first internal global platform of the Sogrape Group – WINet – was one of the winners of the European Excellence Awards 2019, awards that annually distinguish the best Communication and Public Relations projects at European level.

WINet was born from the ambition to connect the Group’s more than 1,000 employees worldwide, fostering sharing and collaboration through a new way of working and communicating. The new intranet allows its users to access different tools and content from anywhere and anytime, promoting a new and more integrated work experience.

In a context of digital transformation, WINet contributes to make Sogrape a more agile, innovative and efficient company. This is the first internal communication channel to which the entire Group has access. Developed in collaboration with technology partner DevScope, the new global digital platform has fostered an internal culture of greater unity among employees across the 10 geographies where the company operates.

«WINet combines reason and emotion, business and culture, creating an engaging experience for the entire Sogrape Family. We want our people to see WINet as an integral part of their daily lives, inspiring and motivating them in this context of evolution towards a future of greater sharing and closeness, ”says Joana Pais, Group Communication Director.

Sogrape’s new platform was thus voted a winner in the Intranet category by a jury of about 40 experts from around the world, having shared the finalist panel with projects from companies such as EDP, Vodafone, OMV and Styria Digital One.

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