Sour & Grape Beer rediscovers Portuguese-style millennial beer styles

The Festival that brings together the world: Sour & Grape Beer

On the one hand, the “Sour” beers of ancient tradition almost forgotten in the last 200 years for the benefit of the “Ale” and “Lager”, resurface today in the 4 corners of the world, revisited by the hands of irreverent and innovative craft brewers, inspired by some irreducible Belgians and Germans, who never ceased to produce this style. These beers are distinguished by their pronounced acidity, their unexpected flavors and aromas and the almost absence of bitterness.

On the other hand, “Portuguese Grape Ale” – which is not yet an officially recognized worldwide style – is a project that Portuguese brewers promise to take to the end. Produced from the combination of the usual malt-based must and the grape-derived grape must, the beer passes a part of its process in a stage in wooden barrels, creating a differentiated, unique beer with a strong connection to the culture. Portuguese


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