Spirulina Berlin balls are new on the Algarve beaches this summer


A Berlin ball with spirulina-based dough, a micro alga considered a “super food”, is the innovation this summer in the menu of balls produced at a factory in Moncarapacho, Olhรฃo, already available in several beaches in the Algarve.’

“We wanted to look for a product that was healthier and in conjunction with a brand of flours we asked them to adjust a product made with spirulina,” said Carlos Cipriano, who has ten a factory in the Laranjeiro Site, open only in the summer months , to produce and sell Berlin balls.

From the factory “Polinhas do Carlos” they go out every day, in the summer, balls with four varieties of mass: normal, carob, beetroot (or red velvet) and spirulina. As for the possible fillings, there are more than a dozen flavors: from the traditional confectioner’s cream to blueberry, apple, lemon, passion fruit, kiwi, coconut, strawberry and various types of chocolate, including white chocolate.

Before they go to the fryer, the bright colors of spirulina balls, which have a bluish and beetroot color, are visible, but after fries they all turn brownish and are the color of the interior of the fryer. mass that denounces them.

Despite the varied and innovative menu – in 2014 the company also launched the Berlin ball of carob – the truth is that the traditional ball, without cream or confectioner’s cream, remains the most sought after on the Algarve beaches, especially by the Portuguese, since foreigners do not appreciate the delicacy so much.

As for the mass of spirulina, launched this year, it is still early to measure its acceptance with consumers, but Carlos believes that it is a product with potential and can win the healthiest audiences or appreciate innovative products.

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