Stars, Food & Wine joins constellation of stars


Restaurante Vistas will gather at the Stars, Food & Wine event 14 Michelin stars, among 10 national and foreign chefs at the Monte Rei Golf & Country Club in Vila Nova de Cacela, this being a top gastronomic event in Algarve.

Rui Silvestre, Head of Views, Thomas Bühner from Osnabrück, 3 stars, Christophe Hardiquest from BonBon, Brussels, 2 stars, Joe Barza from Za’atar, Henrique Sá Pessoa from Alma, 2 stars, Ricardo Costa from The Yeatman, 2 stars, Rui Paula from the Boa Nova Tea House, 1 star, Vitor Sobrada Tasca da Esquina, Edwin Vinke from De Kromme Watergang, and stars and still Herve Deville from Momo | Sketch, 2 stars.

The prices per person are 195 dinners in the Terrace of the Views and 170 € in the gardens of the clubhouse, always wines included, this last one in a relaxed style and with show cooking, with the participation of almost all the participating chefs.

Stars, Food & Wine, there will be no single tables, only six- or eight-place tables, to share the experience. You can even stay at the resorts, at least 2 nights there are packages with dinner included.

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