Teresa’s new single “Consciência” is now available

For Teresa, the passion for music came when, when she was only six years old, she listened to Amália for the first time. The magic of the spectacle and of the stages fascinated this young woman from an early age who would end up dedicating herself to figure skating, thus reconciling art and movement.

Two other influences would also guide Teresa’s journey: the Beatles, because of skating, and Rui Veloso, thanks to his mother’s vinyls.

Years later, Teresa ended up dedicating herself to representation and integrating two bands, as a vocalist. Afterwards, he graduated in journalism, with training in radio and TV.

For Teresa, it is in her voice and in words that she can find herself, and it is in writing that she best expresses herself, feeling that when she sings what she writes, she opens her heart to the world.

Teresa has just started to take the first steps towards sharing her talent and art with the public. The first single, entitled “Consciência”, brings us a refined and elegant pop, covered with a contemporary production, revealing, above all, a new name to retain in the national music panorama: Teresa.

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