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The Black Mamba – Good Times Tour

$ 10.00

Nearly completing a 10-year blockbuster career (sold out halls and coliseums), The Black Mamba presents the Good Times Tour: a series of exclusive theatrical concerts and in which the band will relive their early days. of rock, funk, blues and pop fusion.

On this tour, which begins shortly after The Black Mamba’s return to the Lisbon and Porto Coliseums in October 2019, the band will, as in the beginning, perform in a trio and focus on the themes that made up their lineup. first concerts, with originals and versions that they usually interpreted at the time of their formation.

One of the biggest publicly acclaimed bands of the last decade in Portugal for the first time on TMG. An authentic (and unmissable) return to the origins!

Pedro Tatanka – Voice and Guitar
Miguel Casais – Drums
Rui Pedro Pity – Bass

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