The Great Paulo de Carvalho at Casino Estoril

Artfeist Produções Artisticas presented Paulo de Carvalho in the livestream concert cycle at Casino Estoril.

Casino Estoril reopens the Auditorium and the panoramic Foyer of the Salão Preto e Prata to welcome, exclusively in live stream, an original cycle of concerts and stand-up comedy shows. Artfeist Produções Artísticas is the promoter of this program called Serões no Casino Estoril, which takes place between the 9th and 31st of August. This is a timely initiative that aims to boost national culture, taking into account the complex current situation, originated by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Paulo de Carvalho is a giant name in the Portuguese music scene and needs no introduction. The singer brought a repertoire that involved his 60 years of career, to remind us of many songs that were part of our life when we were growing up.

The concert, on August 16, at 10 pm, started with “Flor sem Tempo” from 1971, with the amazing Helder Godinho on the piano.

Paulo de Carvalho © Luis Mirra Serrão – Portugalinews

With “Cacilheiro” and “Lisboa Menina e Moça“, two songs with beautiful texts, Paulo de Carvalho paid tribute to the great José Carlos Ary dos Santos, the writer, and Carlos do Carmo, who gives voice to the music. We also heard “Uma Cantiga de Amor” which, although not one of his best-known songs, is, for Paulo de Carvalho, one of his favorites.

From the last CD, Terra Mãe, the artist called attention to our planet and to a “sixth continent”, the continent of plastic, Paulo de Carvalho called for everyone to be careful with the environment because “if the world is ours, we need to love it”.

Terra Mãe has, among others, the participation of the Brazilian singer, pianist and composer Ivan Lins, and the singer and composer, born in Benguela, Yola Semedo.

This recent CD brings us “Um Beijo à Lua” and “O Meu Mundo Inteiro“, written by his son Bernardo, better known today in the music world as Agir.

Paulo de Carvalho © Luis Mirra Serrão – Portugalinews

We remembered Africa with “Mãe Negra” and “Meninos do Huambo“, music by Rui Midas and lyrics by Rui Monteiro.

We heard songs from the people of Beiras such as “José embala o Menino” and “A quem faz pão ou poema” by the author Agostinho da Silva, to the sound of Adulfe, a Portuguese musical instrument.

Paulo de Carvalho dedicated to everyone watching at home, through streaming, the song “Nini dos meus 15 anos”, another success of the singer, and confesses that he would like to return to the stage with an appeal that we all be careful with us and with others.

Paulo de Carvalho did not fail in his tribute to thank everyone who worked so that those who watched at home had an excellent show, saying goodbye with “E Depois do Adeus“, an emblematic song of Portuguese history, because it was with this song that the revolution of April 25, 1974, started, and won the Festival RTP da Canção.

Paulo de Carvalho © Luis Mirra Serrão – Portugalinews

The Livestream concerts“Serões no Casino Estoril”  at Casino Estoril continue until the end of August and you can still see António Zambujo on the 20th; Catarina Clau, Vânia Blu and Nuno Martins on the 21st; Simone de Oliveira with Nuno and Henrique Feist on the 22nd; and Casa de Fados “O Faia” closing the week on Sunday.

Monday, August 24, Rui Xará will perform a stand-up comedy; on the 27th Susana Félix performs; day 28 is FF‘s turn; Starting the weekend we have Lúcia Moniz, Mariana Pacheco and Diogo Leite on the 29th; and “A História do Fado” with Henrique Feist, Valter Mira and Marta Alves on Sunday 30th.

To end this cycle of performances and concerts, it is Nuno Markl‘s turn to step up with another stand-up comedy performance on Monday the 31st. Tickets available HERE.

Paulo de Carvalho © Luis Mirra Serrão - Portugalinews (1)
Paulo de Carvalho © Luis Mirra Serrão - Portugalinews
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