The great Simone de Oliveira at the Tivoli Theater

Simone de Oliveira presents “A Valsa da Vida” at the Tivoli Theater in Lisbon

Sunday, July 19, one of the most emblematic Portuguese voices took the stage at the Tivoli BBVA Theater for an incredible concert with the “luxury” guests FF, Sissi Martins, Rúben Madureira, António Zambujo, Armando Ribeiro, on the saxophone, and Nuno Feist, on the piano.

Respecting the due contingencies and distances due to the covid-19 virus, Tivoli‘s room was filled to witness the return of the singer, and national icon, Simone de Oliveira to the Portuguese stages, with the production of UAU Produtora.

Simone de Oliveira, Teatro Tivoli BBVA, Julho 2020 @ photos: Margarida Rodrigues/PortugaliNews

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The show entitled “A Valsa da Vida” started around 6 pm with an instrumental of the music “Desfolhada” with Nuno Feist and Armando Ribeiro, on piano and saxophone, respectively. Simone walked on stage to the sound of this unmistakable song and was instantly applauded warmly by a standing audience.

“Auto-Retrato” was the first song sung by Simone, followed by “Degrau em Degrau”, “Foi Assim” and “Valsa de uma Vida”. Simone de Oliveira, with 82 years old and over 62 years of career, captivated the audience, in a way that only she can, and said that “culture is good for the soul” and thanks the audience asking everyone “be happy, be well and be careful, thanks for everything“.

Simone de Oliveira and Sissi Martins, Teatro Tivoli BBVA, Julho 2020 @ photos: Margarida Rodrigues/PortugaliNews

Simone calls her first special guest. Sissi Martins, who already played Simone in the musical, enters the stage and made a duet of the song “Rosa Sangue”, an original song by the Portuguese group Amor Electro, with Simone.

«It is difficult to be on this stage with Simone, for the inspiration that she is, for the memories, for all the love that you have for her, and that I have for her, and it is inevitable for a person to transcend themselves, see themselves from outside and think “how grateful I am to be here”», confesses Sissi Martins when sharing the stage with Simone.

Fernando Fernandes, better known as FF, takes the stage and duets with Simone the beautiful song “Sete Letras”, music by Ary dos Santos and Nuno Nazareth Fernandes.

Simone de Oliveira and FF, Teatro Tivoli BBVA, Julho 2020 @ photos: Margarida Rodrigues/PortugaliNews

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Soon after, Simone brings us Ruben Madureira with “No seu Poema”, by José Luís Tinoco. This song was sung by Carlos do Carmo in 1976 at the Festival da Canção, where Simone had sung “Desfolhada”, 7 years earlier.

«I think we are privileged to live at the same time as Simone […]. It was women like her, full of strength, perseverance, and determination, who always motivated me throughout my life. I never even thought that I was going to share the stage with her or share life stories with her, it’s really extraordinary, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to be here to share the stage with her today», shares Rúben Madureira.

António Zambujo was also one of the friends that Simone brought to accompany her in this retrospective of her life with the song “Sol de Inverno”

The four guests than sang solo songs, Antonio Zambujo sang “Rosinha dos Limões”, FF sang “Viagem de Mim”, then we heard “Canção da Raquel” by Sissi Martins and “O Homem na Cidade” by Rúben Madureira.

Rúben Madureira, Sissi Martins and FF, Teatro Tivoli BBVA, Julho 2020 @ photos: Margarida Rodrigues/PortugaliNews

«Simone has the capacity and characteristic to rescue us with her voice, with the example that is her life, and therefore we can only love her, because less than that is impossible, and thank her for all that she continues to give of her life and history, thank you very much, Simone, for this opportunity», reflects FF thanking the singer.

With the concert coming to an end, Simone de Oliveira joins FF, Sissi and Rúben for the song “Só o Meu Povo”, a song that, in 1973, marked the return of Simone de Oliveira to the stage and to the Festival da Canção.

The last song was “Desfolhada” sung by Simone and her guests FF, Sissi Martins, Rúben Madureira, and António Zambujo, to which the audience applauded standing, with wishes that the moment would never end.

This show travels between Simone‘s voice and her complicity experienced on stage.




Photos: Margarida Rodrigues || Text: Carla Policarpo de Mira/ Margarida Rodrigues


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